You can start Expedition if you are over level 42 in the game.

In the Expedition, the world is occupied by evil rebel troops. As a hero, you will lead your fleet to defeat the rebel fleet, take back ports and resource islands and conquer the sea.

Resource islands include Gold, Diamonds and Oil Field. Defeat the enemy and liberate the island, then you will receive resources. Remember to harvest every 24 hours before they are overloaded.

After liberating a port, you will receive a golden pack includes diamonds, parts and medals, and another sea area will be unlocked.

Other players may invade your islands. They can take the resources from the islands. Defeat the invaders and you can take back all resources.

You may encounter Elite Rebel Fleet while exploring a sea area. Defeat them before they leave, you can get high class medals. If you can’t defeat them now, you can try again after you are more powerful. There is no limit of challenge chances before they leave.

You may find wrecks after every battle or exploring. You can salvage them and get random rewards.

You may find some buildings like Alloy Factory, Tech Center, Light House or Ammunition Black Market. You can upgrade them after unlocked. And you can claim rewards or purchase discounted items every day.

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