When your materials and resources are not enough, you can either resupply via Mall or Quartermaster, from which you can also find what you want. Let’s take a look.

1.    There’re 3 different malls in Quartermaster, namely Arena Mall, Convoy Shop and Conquest Mall in which you can find corresponding items. 

2.    You can buy items in Arena Mall using Arena Coins, which can be obtained via Arena. Items such as Epic Design Fragment Pack, Legendary Design Fragment Pack, Skill Book and Silo can also be found here.

3.    You can buy items in Convoy Shop using Convoy Coins, which can be obtained via Ocean Escort. Precious items such as Legendary Key and Legendary Crate can also be found here.

4.    Items such as Phoenix Medal and Schneider Medal is available in Conquest Mall. Should you find these things necessary, please pay here a visit

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