As a naval warfare themed game, ships are obviously the most crucial part. Undoubtedly everyone has put a lot of efforts in equipping parts, upgrading your ships and their skills. But what I’m going to share to you guys here may help you grow way stronger!

The Admiral, namely the leader of a ship, is the Admiral-in-chief of a battleship in reality. You may have seen films which depict handsome, decisive and smart Admirals (Boy they’re way too attractive). While in Warship Saga, it’d be completely foolish to ignore them. To unlock Admiral function you’ll need to reach Lv.35. Having said that, your BR will improve vastly if you use your Admirals wisely.

To start with I’ll tell you how to acquire an Admiral. The methods are as follow:

1. Rapid Aid (Available at Lv.36) is your best way to get Admirals. Remember to use Distress Telegrams you looted from Campaign and invite your guild members to help you rescue Admirals in distress. If the operation is a success, the rescued Admirals will be at your service. The more rescues you complete, the more Ultimate Distress Telegrams you’ll get. Sweet!

2. There’s a guild event called Challenge Boss, from which you can get Tokens to recruit Admirals.

3. Massive Tokens and even Legendary Admirals can also be found in Junior Academy and Admiral Wheel!

4. You can exchange Token Fragments you got for Tokens in Exchange Center, don’t waste them!

Well, enough said. Move on to the next part: how to train your Admirals. There’re two ways to do it: Upgrading and Promoting. The former will consume EXP Books, which can be obtained in multiple ways. Challenge Boss is an important method to acquire EXP Books. The latter will greatly improve your Admirals’ stats, and to do so you’ll need to use the specific tokens on them. Keep that in mind if you want to train your admirals in an effective way.

Here is the last and the most important thing about your admirals so listen carefully.  Admiral Stats can be divided into 3 parts: Default Stats, Bonus Stats and Promotion Stats.

Not unlike Parts, Default Stats can be enhanced in various ways such as Attack, Defense, Pierce and HP. And of course, admirals with high quality have the upper stats. Make them your priority if you aim for constant progression.

There’s something I need to emphasize about Bonus Stats; each admiral has two bonuses, both of which correspond with the ship he was appointed, including nationality and ship type. Use that and make your fleet grow stronger.

Promotion Stats can be activated by promoting your admirals. Check it out and there’s something surprising awaits!

Alright, that’s it guys. Now do you have a clear picture of how to train your admirals? Act now and construct your own plan to let them be your stronger assistants! 

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